Is my data safe and secure?

We understand the importance of data security and that is why we took every precaution we could. As parents ourselves, we want you to rest assured and have these points to give.

First, we are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the data. On top of that, our developers have used advanced world class technology that fully encrypts the data so that even if it were to be a data breach, the hacker would not be able to get any specific or sensitive data about your baby.

Second, the majority of the data is stored locally on the device in the SD card. This way the data never leaves your baby camera and is locally stored and secure for you to keep or delete.

Third, the data that is put to the app you control access who can access. You can invite your select family and friends so they can share this joy of baby development with you.

And for the list of the technology and precautions used (for those tech geeks) here is the full lineup below:


1. App security detection
2. App security reinforcement
3. Identity authentication
4. Interface access security


1. HTTPS / TLS asymmetric encryption
2. Identity authentication
3. Verification identity: abnormality detection
4. Black/White list: abnormality inspection
5. Data access verification
6. Distributed deployment: avoid single node crush
7. Storage backup
8. DDoS denial of service
9. Host intrusion prevention
10. IP / Port shielding
11. ALC Group Policy


1. Unique Device ID
2. Unique Initial Key
3. Secure Storage Module
4. Secure Networking Firmware
6. AES-256Bits
7. Cloud connection code authorization
8. One-to-one connections and keys

Important Notice:

We follow strict regulations of security and privacy. Users can not bind the camera or get a video if the registration region does not match the actual users' region.

In the first time binding, the device will be assigned a fixed region of use. If move this device to another country, the camera may not work properly.