App version v1.9.0 and Firmware version released

App version v1.9.0 and new Firmware version on Google play and our cloud sever. The latest APP can be dowloaded soon.

In this APP version, we have improved some features and fixed a couple of issues:

  1. Removed heart rate and respiration chart switching motion
  2. Added account logout pop-up prompt
  3. Fixed the bug of subscription service
  4. Added software update pop-up prompt
  5. Added SD card detection function
  6. Music playback process update
  7. Connect and disconnect device logic update
  8. Baby edit button layout adjustment
  9. Video stream polling method update
  10. Added millimeter wave radar status flag
  11. Hide sharing page when the device is not bound
  12. Modify the music player animation

For the Firmware version:

  1. Updated the server of heart rate breathing
  2. Optimized soothing playback
  3. Optimized video recording
  4. Optimized image effect
  5. Optimized flicker problem
  6. Optimized heart rate and breathing alarm event processing

Please note to upgrade your firmware through APP.

For more information, check our FAQS.