App version V1.9.2 now available for download

The latest version of the App is V1.9.2 listed on both Google play and Apple store now.

In APP V1.9.2, the following issues have been fixed:

  1. Lagging problem of event replay
  2. Streaming auto re-connect
  3. Complete the video playback progress bar from millisecond units to seconds units
  4. Token detection and authorization
  5. Installation guide video full-screen demo
  6. GPS location listening switch in AP mode
  7. Show firmware upgrade progress
  8. Music player closes when opening two-way talk

For the IOS App, some bugs affecting video play reported by beta tester is now fixed.

Common Issues encountered:

Missing baby

Please ensure that the installation position is correct. Issues may arise if the camera is too far away from the baby, first radar finds no person or could not see the baby’s face in 30 seconds.

The working distance of the radar we set is 1.4 meters/ 4.6 ft. If the baby is position outside this area, the radar will not work properly.

Please reposition the camera within the range, refer to the photo below: